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About Dogra Educational Trust

Dedicated to the memory of immortal sons of the Duggar Land, who have been famous for their velour and patriotism. Dogra Educational Trust is committed to keep the beacon of light shining forever through the academic pursuits delivered by Dogra Law College & Dogra College of Education.

Both colleges constitute an upper rung of an educational endeavor undertaken by Dogra Educational Trust, to spread education in the region, True to the set motto, Knowledge for Liberation, both the colleges are striving to help spread legal literacy and build a knowledgeable citizenry befitting a free nation.

Dogra Educational Trust stands as a landmark in the educational endeavors initiated, more than three decades back, by an energetic and zealous son of Dugger Desh, Th. Gulchain Singh Charak, Chairman of the Trust. His esteem for Dogra culture, valour and devotion is manifest in the adoption of appellation ‘Dogra’ for all the educational institutions established so far. His preference for saffron colour is reminiscent of the great sacrifice made by valiant Dogras defining the borders of India beyond the Himalayas. As the pioneer in the field of private education, he espoused the cause of private aided schools.

Sh. Samar Dev Singh Charak, Secretary of Dogra Educational Trust looks after the functioning of the Dogra Law College & Dogra College of Education as Chief Administrative Officer.



As an institute we strive to be socially responsible through developing a world class "Centre of Excellence" in Professional Higher Education enabling young aspirants to add value to the society at large with their personal & professional acumen.


Our mission shall guide us to strengthen professional academic learning through focussed and innovated methods of global and latest teaching practices ensuring best scholarly output supported by excellent operational administration system and state of art infrastructure.


Names of the Dogra Educational Trustee

S.No. Designation

Name of the Member

1. Chairman of the Trust Thakur Gulchain Singh Charak
2. Trustee Mrs. Surekha Charak
3. Trustee & Secretary of the Trust Sh. Samar Dev Singh Charak
4. Trustee Sh. Gambhir Dev Singh Charak
5. Trustee Mrs. Deepti Dadhwal