Press Release

Ramveer 'Pond Man of India' enlightens students of Dogra Group of Colleges

07 Nov 2023

DograGroup of Colleges was delighted to host Mr. Ramveer Tanwar, an Environmentalist commonly known as Pond Man of India. He started his campaign called JalChaupal in GautamBudhha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh; urged people to conserve water and to save natural resources like ponds, lakes & Wetlands. He got trained by The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), MOEF, and Govt. of India. Now Mr. Tanwar is the founder of “Say Earth” NGO. He was invited as a guest speakerin Dogra Group of Colleges to enlighten the students, academicians and professionals of all the three Colleges regarding theimportance of Lakes andPonds rejuvenation.
Th. Gulchain Singh Charak, Former Minister and Chairman Dogra Educational Trust, Dr. Samar Dev Singh Charak, Secretary Dogra Educational Trust, ProfessorAvdheshPratap,PrincipalDogra Law College, Dr.Bela Thakur, Principal Dogra Degree College ,Dr.Vikesh Kumar Sharma, Principal Dogra College of Educationwere also present on this special occasion.
Professor AvdheshPratap, Principal Dogra Law College cordially welcomed the esteemed guest and other dignitaries. The dignitaries paid tribute to Goddess Saraswati by lighting of ceremonial lamp. This was followed by the mesmerizing lecture on Lakes and Ponds rejuvenation by Mr.RamverTanwar.He emphasizedthat water is the most precious component to ensure food and power security. Lakes and ponds are the integral part of ecosystem as they maintain healthy balance of aquatic life and support our socio-economic needs. Increase in water scarcity at one instance and flooding conditions at other instance emphasises the importance of revival and rejuvenation of water bodies.Thus, we need to conserve water resources. He further explained every conservation effort relies heavily on strong community participation for its success. He further emphasized that we all must adopt specific action plan for restoration of lakes and ponds to mitigate the pollution load on it. A healthy lake, pond will improve the quality of life and also help to promote local tourism.
The students participated with enthusiastic zeal and outpoured their love and adoration for the worthy guest.
Th. Gulchain Singh Charak,Former Minister and Chairman, Dogra Educational Trustpresided over the programme and in his address, hehighlighted the importance of such Lectures for students. He congratulated and appreciated the tireless works of the esteemed guest in restoration and revitalisation of water reservoirs across the country.Thus, we must take effective steps for the conservation of water.
The Programme proceeded with the signing of MoUs between DograGroup of Colleges and NGO “Say Earth’’.TheMoU would facilitate a comprehensive partnership in the areas of joint efforts towards the conservation of water.
The vote of thanks was rendered byMr.AbhishekSharma,Vice President, Student Council, Dogra Law College and the programme ended with the National Anthem.