Press Release

Dogra Law College Organises Panchayat Visit

15 Jun 2019

Dogra Law College today organised a Panchayat visit for the students of LLB, 3years, 6th semester of Dogra Law College.Students visited the Panchayat of (Jinder Mehlu) Block Miran Sahib, where they met the Sarpanch Ms.Seema Devi, she is the sarpanch of four villages and nine wards. During the interaction with the students, she explained different functions of the panchayat and the role which Panchayat plays in the lives of the villagers.Ms Seema Devi also discussed about the government funds being provided for the development of the villages. She also explained about the different government aided development schemes for upliftment of the villagers.Mr.Rajat Saraf and Mr. Ramnik Bali, Lecturers at Dogra Law College accompanied the students during the visit.