Press Release

Dogra Law College organises an interaction session on ‘criminal prosecution’.

16 Nov 2019

Dogra Law College organised an interactive session on Criminal Prosecution. The edifying session was conducted by S. Iqbal Singh, former Chief Prosecuting Officer J&K Police.
Mr. Iqbal Singh in his illuminating lecture explained various nuances of criminal prosecution. He shared his wide experience as public prosecutor with the students and the staff of Dogra Law College. With anicdots from his personal experience as a public prosecutor, Mr. Singh threw light on various cases in which he had appeared on behalf of prosecution. He made the students familiar with the various Urdu terms being used by advocates during legal proceeding in the Criminal Courts and emphasised that an advocate practicing in area of criminal law should learn them. He also explained the importance of FIR in criminal investigation. He encouraged girl students to shed their shyness and put their point of view boldly.The interactive session culminated with the questions answer session in which various interesting questions were asked by the students and the staff. Earlier Prof. V.P Magotra, Principal, Dogra Law College introduced the guest speaker and welcomed him on behalf of Dogra Law College.