Clubs Constituted For The Current Session

Environmental Club

S.No. Name Designation
1. Mrs. Jyoti Raina Convener
2. Mrs. Amarjeet Kour   Co-Convener
3. Ms. Niharika Kaith Student Convener
4. Ms. Taniya Gupta Student Co-Convener
5. Ms. Diksha Sharma Student Member
6. Ms. Shriya Khajuria Student Member

1. This club will be a center of excellence for environmental protection and practical oriented research to ensure the contribution of natural resource, conservation including soil, water and forestry .

2. To train and provide skills to the local people such as farmers, nomadic people and agro-pastoral people through making environmental committee who will handle the environmental degradation issues.


1. To conserve the natural resources and natural environment.

2. To create eco-friendly environment.

3. To conserve biodiversity.

4. To create clean and greeen consciousness among students through various activities.


1. To enculcate the environmental friendly habits in children .

2. To promote such activities which stop degaradation of nature.

3. To inspire children to understand birds animals and plants around them so as to consider them as citizens of the earth.

4 To help students to disseminate the message of conservation of nature.

Population Club

S.No. Name Designation
1. Mrs. Sarika Kumari Convener
2. Mrs. Shivali Mehta Co-Convener
3 Ms. Shruti Rajput Student Convener
4. Ms. Minal Gupta Student Co-Convener
5. Ms. Shreya Manhas Student Member

Literary Club

S.No. Name Designation
1. Mrs. Indu Puri Convener
2. Mrs. Gagandeep Kour Co-Convener
3. Ms Shweta Padha Student Convener
4. Ms. Arushi Sharma Student Co-Convener
5. Ms. Pooja Gupta Student Member
6. Ms. Pooja Thakur Student Member
7. Ms. Diksha Kumari Student Member