Candidates  with  atleast  50%  marks  (45%  for  SC/  ST  candidates)  either  in  the  Bachelor's  Degree  (10+2+3 pattern)  and/  or  Master's  Degree  in  Science/  Social  Sciences/  Humanity,  Bachelor's  in  Engineering  or Technology  with  specialization  in  science  and  Mathematics  with  55%  marks  or  any  other  qualification  equivalent thereto,  are  eligible  for  admission  to  the  programme.

A  person,  as  long  as  he/she  is  on  the  rolls  of  B.Ed  course,  shall  not  eligible  to  attend  any  other  course  of instruction  or  appear  in  any  other  examination  of  the  University.

Provided  that  a  candidate  who  has  been  placed  under  reappear  category  in  one  course/  paper  of  anexamination, other than the qualifying examination, or was scheduled to appear in the examination (other than the qualifying examination) either as a regular or private candidate before the commencement of class work of B.Ed, Course but could not do so on account of delay in the conduct of said examination, for reasons beyond his/ her control, shall be eligible to appear in the examination, even though he/she has been duly admitted to the B.Ed course.

Any person in employment or Self-employment or engaged in a business or profession is not eligible for admission to the B.Ed course in the Non-Government colleges. Such a person may, however, be considered for admission, provided:

I) He/ she produces a certificate from his/ her employer has no objection to his/ her employee pursuing whole time B.Ed course and that the employee is on authorised leave for full duration of the course duly sanctioned by the competent authority for the purpose ;

ii) In the case if self-employed person or a person engaged in business or a profession, the person concerned gives an undertaking on a stamped paper of proper value duly attested by the Notary that he/ she will devote his/ her whole time for studies as a student during the period he/ she remains on roll of the College for the course and shall not engage in any business or profession of vocation during this period or engage in any other activity which is likely to interfere with his/ her studies in the college.