College Magazine

College Magazine

A college magazine is an essential part of college life. A college magazine encourages the students to practise writing, by affording opportunities to budding author to see their compositions printed. A college magazine is a mirror of the college life. It reflects the literary, educational and sports activities going on in the college. It projects the important events celebrated in the college during an academic session. A college magazine is a periodical publication and is often published once in a year under the name of "Shikshak". It shows the activities of students in the field of their extracurricular enthusiasm as well as in their academic ventures. That is why every student looks forward for its publication and contributes to it. The magazine is received by the students very enthusiastically. Last year DCOE has published 11th edition of its college magazine "Shikshak".

Objectives of College Magazine

1.To unify the college spirit.
2.To encourage desirable college activities.
3. To give authentic information regarding the college to students, parents, patrons, old students & other educational institutions.
4. Provide opportunity for creative work & self-expression.
5. Qualities of co-operation, accuracy, tolerance, responsibility, initiative, leadership & cordial relations among different institutions. In this way, magazine can prove very helpful to the pupils, parents & the college.

Editorial Board

Patron-in-Chief - Mrs. Surekha Charak
Production Incharge - Kr. Samar Dev Singh Charak
Chief Editor - Mrs. Bela Thakur
Executive Editor - Mrs. Shefali Sharma
Convener-cum-Editor - Mrs. Indu Puri

Associate Editors

Mrs. Vintee Kumari
Mrs.Indu Puri
Ms. Nishu Saproo