15 Feb 2020

Dogra College of Education is driven on the ideals of holistic education which emphasis on character building to create good citizen who can contribute effectively towards nation building. Dogra College of Education follows transparent administrative practices, in all its transactions with students, faculty and all others concerned. College endeavours to inculcate a strong sense of discipline in its functioning to ensure students build high levels of commitments. Discipline is implemented by Principal, Anti Ragging Cell and discipline and abiding by dress code. An inclusive education policy is followed that ensures education to all without any discrimination. Inclusive education is worked through Remedial Courses, Certificate Courses and enrichment lectures that helps the students from socially marginalized groups, vernacular medium students and academically weaker section of students to cope with their academics. Collaborative and participative functioning is our strength wherein policy decision right from the management are taken after deliberations and brainstorming session with the heads at different levels. ERP Software is being used by the college for maintaining the records. Academic Committee and Administrative audits are conducted annually. Impartial administrative practices generate trust in the minds of staff leading to stability, security and a sense of belongingness to the institution. Academics Calendar and planning teachers’ diary reviewed monthly by HODs and semester wise by the Principal, monitoring of lectures taken. Being the main stakeholders, students are allowed to participate at various levels to groom them to become future leaders. There are various committees set up for the academics and administrative purpose where students representatives and opted. There activities enhance their leadership qualities, communication skills and personality college abides strictly by all the rules and regulations of governing authorities. The college has Computer Lab, Educational Technology Lab, Psychology Lab, Science Lab, and Language Lab that are equipped for the development of teaching skills of the teacher’s trainees.