Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


 1.      Students should maintain discipline and behave sincerely in the college. He / she should be polite with the teachers, non-teaching staff and with the co-students. If any students have any problem they should meet the principal or the academic coordinator of the college.

2.      Strict action will be taken against the students who bunk classes or wander in the college campus during college hours.

3.      Students should park their vehicles in the parking areas allotted to them.

4.      Uniform (Dress Code) and identity card is compulsory for each student in the college campus.

5.      Throwing clutter, plucking of plants and trees of the college campus is strictly prohibited.

6.      Students should not damage any college properties like benches, tables, chairs, fans and lights in the classroom as well as the things in the campus. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students who found guilty and he /she will be liable to give compensation.

7.      Students are strictly prohibited from disturbing the peace and harmonious environment of the college by indulging themselves in fights or arguments with the co students, teachers or non teaching staff.

8.      Students should participate in the sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities and should cooperate for the development of the college.

9.      No electronic devices, cell phone is allowed at the time of examination. Copying in the examination and using other unfair means is strictly prohibited and it will be treated as an offence and necessary action will be taken against the students.

10.  Every student must complete 75 % of attendance in each subject. Students having low attendance will not be allowed to fill in the examination form.

11.  The students are expected to exhibit excellent behavior and high sense of discipline inside and outside the college and hostel.

12.  The students shall not take part in the political or anti-social activities which may be detrimental to the progress and reputation of the college. Any student found instigating or conspiring of such like activities shall be liable to rustication/expulsion from the college.

13.  The student who seeks admission in the college shall not retain or accept any fulltime or part time job during the period of training.

14.   Lethal weapons are strictly prohibited for the students in the college as well as in hostel.

15.   Students are not allowed to go on tour or excursion without prior permission of the college authorities. Non-compliance will be treated as an offence.

16.   Students shall not resort to any unlawful means like strikes, protest etc in the college in any circumstance for fulfillment of their demands.


1.     Teachers shall perform academic duties and work related to examinations as assigned by the authority.

2.     Teachers should maintain integrity and show devotion to duty all the time.

3.     Teachers shall extend utmost courtesy and attention to all fellow teachers with whom he/she have to deal in the sphere of his/her duties.

4.     Teachers should wear their identity cards during college hours.

5.     A teacher shall not apply for any job or post without the prior knowledge of the authority and whenever he/she apply for any job or post or want to leave the job must give one month prior notice.

6.     A teacher shall not directly or indirectly take part in any activity or demonstration or movement which is considered by the competent authority to be academic and administrative interests of the college.

7.     Teacher shall  exercise  integrity,  fairness,  and  openess  through  their  professional commitments, responsibilities and actions.

8.     A teacher shall be committed to the best interest of students and promote their holistic development by his/her treatment of students in the classroom as well as with interactions elsewhere.

9.     Teacher shall not discriminate students/colleagues adversely on political, race, caste, religion, language or for any other reason of an arbitrary or personal nature and shall not incite students/staff against other students/colleagues/governing body of the college.

10.  Teachers are continuous learners and their learning through various study activities such as participation in various refresher/orientation courses, conferences and symposium should continue as this participation leads in strengthening the institution.

11.  Teacher shall respect the privacy/confidentiality of information obtained through interaction with the students, unless there is concern for the well- being of an individual.


1.  Teaching Staff can borrow six books for a month.

2.  The borrowed books will be renewed for a future period of one month, if borrowed books have not been reserved for another user.

3.  Books which are overdue will be issued for a specific time period.

4.  Photocopy of relevant material available in magazine / Journals / periodicals, is allowed.

5.  Teaching staff is requested to cooperate in selection of good material, books and journals for the library

6.  Cell Phone ought to be kept switch off or in silent mode in the library.

7.  Teachers are expected to read the notice board of the library from time to time.


1.      Eatables and drinks are not allowed inside library.

2.      Silence should be maintained by the students in the library.

3.      Students should maintain discipline and should not cause any damage to the library materials and furniture.

4.      Library time is not a free period. It is an extension of your class room time and for advancement of knowledge. Visit the library with positive attitude and be prepared to learn.

5.      Books can be borrowed for fifteen days (15) and renewed one time.

6.      Books should be returned on time or before the due date, failing which a fine of Rs. 1/- per day shall be charged.

7.      Do not remove any material from the library without having it checked.

8.     Use of mobile and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.

9.      Journals / magazines / newspapers from the stand should be placed back on the stand, and should not to be left on reading desks.

10.    Reference material should not be taken out of the library.

11.    If the library card is lost Rs. 50/- will be charged for issue/reissue.


 1.  The non-teaching staff working in the college should remain on duty during college hours

2.  Non teaching staff shall carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.

3.  Non-teaching staff should wear uniform provided by the management and always wear their identity card during working hours.

4.  Non teaching staff should perform all other duties assigned by the principal.

5.  They should perform the duty of scrutinizing admission, eligibility documents and registration of admission.

6.  Non teaching staff should supervise and maintain personal files of the staff and faculty.

7.  They should keep discipline and work schedule of class IV employees.

8.  They should maintain the movement of register for staff under office administration.


1.     Students must present a valid ID card before entering the computer lab.

2.     Playing of games on computer in the lab is strictly prohibited.

3.     Users are strictly prohibited from downloading, viewing or distributing any offensive materials.

4.     Before leaving the lab, users must close all programs positively and keep the desktop blank.

5.     Users are strictly prohibited from modifying or deleting any important files and install any software or settings in the compute.r

6.     Based on the prime priority, users may be requested by the lab in-charge, to leave the workstation any time and the compliance is a must.

7.     Eating or drinking inside the computer lab is strictly prohibited.

8.     Internet facility is only for educational/ study purpose.

9.     Silence must be maintained in the lab at all times.

10.   The lab must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

11.   If any problem arises, please bring the same to the notice of lab in-charge.

12.   No bags/ hand bags/ rain coats/ casual wears will be allowed inside the computer lab, however note book may be allowed.

13.   Lab timing will be as per the academic time table of different classes.

14.   Every user must make an entry while entering in the Computer Lab and also at the time of exit from the lab.

15.   Each student must keep mobile phones in “Switched Off” mode while entering and or working in Computer Lab.

16.   Conversation, discussion, loud talking & sleeping are strictly prohibited.

17.   Students are not allowed to use personal Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs etc., in a

Computer Lab. Only prescribed official Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs etc. will be used in the Computer Lab to avoid VIRUS in Computers.

18.   No duplicate or pirated Software(s) will be allowed to be used in a Computer Lab.

19.   Use of Computer Lab for personal work is prohibited. However, permission for doing personal work may be given by the Principal.

20.   Users must turn-off the computer before leaving the computer lab.

21.   In case of theft / destruction of the computers or peripherals, double the cost of the lost will be charged from the student/user.

22.   The computer lab is for academic purposes. Therefore, a quiet atmosphere is required. Noisy students will be asked to leave.

23.   Unauthorized copying and/or installing of unauthorized software are not permitted. This may be a violation of copyright laws.

24    Tampering with the hardware or software settings will not be tolerated.

25.   Students found Internet surfing or chatting for personal reasons may be asked to leave. Preference is given to students doing course work over those engaged in personal computer use.

26.   Personal files are not to be stored on the local drive C. Students are responsible for providing their own means of digital storage.

27.   Children and friends of students are not allowed in the computer lab. The computer lab is an adult learning environment, and is not suitable or safe for children.

28.   DO NOT leave your personal belongings at the computer. The College is not responsible for items left behind.

29.   Disruptive students will be asked to leave and Public Safety may be called in such situations.

30.   Sleeping in the lab is not permitted.


NOTE: - Violation of any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action and the loss of lab privileges.