About College

About College

DDC is an emerging educational institution of excellence to deliver graduate course with contemporary outlook. It nurtures young minds to excel in the field of Arts, Commerce and Management . The infrastructure, curriculum and delivery mechanism are designed to make learning a pleasurable experience for every student. DDC is a highly preferable destination for all those who want to be proactive in their educational endeavors.

Our Values


  • Positive Thoughts 
  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Justice & Humility


Our Logo

Motto of the trust “Knowledge For Liberation”.

The logo enclosed in a circle is an amalgamation of symbols representing the spiritual and material elements of human life and the inspiration for knowledge which is self liberating.

It comprises a knowledge seeker sitting in a yogic posture endorsing reading a book with the Lotus in the forefront and Veena in the backdrop, also seen in the logo are pen and brush, chakra with the rising sun in the background.

The logo is a composite of symbols which are as follows:


  • LOTUS – this holy flower of India stand as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self generation and inspires one to be clean and untouched by sin and the self to work without attachment like the beautiful flower standing high above the mud and water.
  • BOOK - stand as a symbol of man’s quest for learning and knowledge attainment.
  • VEENA – it represents arts and learning and in the college logo stands for aesthetic aspects of learning.
  • PEN AND BRUSH – it represents the tools for bringing in awakening that knowledge is for liberation.    
  • SUNRISE – it symbolizes birth and rebirth of awakening.
  • CHAKRA – it symbolizes the needs to follow dharma and condemn adharma and itself stands for protection.